Bush Groves 08

I had lunch with Steven Bush today – a little Blue Cost Burrito, a few lessons on how to use my new fancy big boy camera.

Steven’s a guy I “met” by blogging. He blogs.  He plays bass in Spur 58.  He loves Compassion.  He doesn’t shave…much.


Bush loaned me a backpack specially made for big boy cameras.  And he bought me a book about the basics of photography. (I think we’re dating now.) And we talked about how much we’d like to one day work for Compassion when we lay down our guitars and cool haircuts for real jobs.  We figure we could rule the world, or at least change it dramatically for a lot of kids.  In the meantime, we’ll just keep making music and making sponsors out of fans.

Thanks, Steven, for the great conversation, the book, the bag, and everything you do to save kids from poverty.

Check out Steven’s photography when you get a second.  He’s extremely talented and extremely generous with his expertise.