A Series Of Fortunate Misfortunes

Misfortune: The suitcase containing my CDs was lost by Northwest Airlines on the way to Grand Forks, North Dakota Saturday.

Fortunate: The suitcase containing my clothes and Compassion child sponsorship packets made it.

Misfortune: My cold transformed into something evil, something flu-ish by show time Saturday night at the University of North Dakota.

Fortunate: I was groggy, boring and borderline incoherent in front of only the 21 students on campus with nothing better to do on a Saturday night than come to my concert.

Misfortune: Only 21 students had nothing better to do Saturday night than come to my concert.

Fortunate: 5 of them sponsored kids.  That’s 25%!  College students did that – amazing college students (with no social lives) at the University of North Dakota.  Way to go fighting Sioux.

Misfortune: My Mac power cord melted in two while I was attempting to broadcast my show live for the first time.

Fortunate: Beth (this weekend’s promoter and “Grovesfan” here in the comments) has a very handy husband who soldered the sucker back together again so we could broadcast successfully Sunday night.  Thanks, Scott.

Misfortune: My wife Becky got the smackdown from the flu Saturday.

Fortunate: Brother-in-law of the year, Brian Seay, took care of the kids so she could rest.  Thanks, Brian.

Misfortune: This morning, February 25th, I discovered that my flight home was somehow misbooked for March 25th.

Fortunate: Mike, at Northwest in Grand Forks felt sorry for me and flu-beaten Becky and booked me a flight to Minneapolis.

Misfortune: I had to fly standby from Minneapolis to Nashville so the odds of me getting home today were very slim.

Fortunate: The first flight I tried to fly standby on was so delayed that some passengers threw fits and got themselves moved to other airlines.  Which made room for me on the plane.  I got home one month and two hours earlier than originally planned.

imageMisfortune: I was away from my wife and kids for two days just after being away from them for eight days.  I missed them badly.  Or is it well?  I missed them well and it felt bad.  How’s that?

Fortunate: 72 kids were sponsored this weekend (Thanks, Hope Covenant Church) and I made it home safely.  It was warm enough to take the kids to jump on Redneck Neighbor’s trampoline this afternoon and I had cash enough for dinner out at Chick-fil-A. And as soon as this post is done I’m having some of Redneck Neighbor’s wife’s amazing banana pudding…if I’m still awake.

How fortunate.

It’s good to be home.

Until next weekend.