A New Wagon

Just over 1000 kids were sponsored at my concerts and speaking engagements in 2007.  Good.  But not the best.


  • My presentation ends.  It’s very finite.
  • The crowd leaves with my words about Compassion in their heads, not in their hands, no more memorable than their sixth grade locker combination.  One presentation reaches exactly one room’s worth of people.  And that’s all.
  • I can only present my experience with Compassion, tell stories from my point of view, make a case for Compassion that makes sense to my brain.  On average, 10% of the audience understands my point of view and my stories enough to respond and sponsor a child.  One presentation matches the perspective and passions of a small number of people listening.
  • Not so with blogs.  Numerous bloggers presenting Compassion International in their own uniquely compelling and authentic way can…

  • Create presentations that last as long as the URL exists.
  • Those presentations can be searched for, linked to, quoted from, e-mailed, discussed, dugg, stumbled upon, and more.  They’re spreadable to an ever-increasing crowd.
  • Numerous bloggers bring numerous perspectives, connecting with more types of people, and releasing more children from poverty.
  • Let’s hitch up.  About the wagon’s maiden voyage tomorrow.