Why Ethiopia?

After the diplomas were handed out at the LDP graduation ceremony a couple days ago, Wess and two other Compassion leaders washed the feet of three of the graduates.  It was the final lesson taught: leaders must humbly serve.  Wess was to wash the feet of a male student and a female leader was to wash the feet of a female graduate but at the last second Wess knelt instead before the young lady and washed her feet.  No one knew why he made this change in the plan until yesterday.

Yesterday we went to church with the LDP graduates and then joined them for lunch and a few hours of “fun time.” At the end of our afternoon together the Ethiopian Compassion staff asked us to make a large circle, as if we were gathered around a camp fire.  One by one we sat in the center and told our story.  And answered questions from those in the circle.

When it came Wess’ turn he told us his story and then he told us why he washed a woman’s feet at the graduation ceremony, and why Compassion came to Ethiopia.