Saving Phillip

I took The Cousins to the bus stop yesterday morning and when we arrived Phillip yelped that he’d left his backpack in his house – a block away.

Racing to get there and back before the bus arrived, I replayed the morning in my head: “Guys, let’s get shoes on and get your stuff together.” “Alrighty, you guys have backpacks and lunch money?” “Phillip, you got your backpack?” Phillip, is that your backpack over there?” “Everybody got everything?”

I made it back to the bus stop just as the bus pulled away with Phillip inside sans backpack.

I knew the bus would be at the stop near my house in about twenty minutes though so I raced there to beat it and passed the backpack off to one of Redneck Neighbor’s daughters standing there with her backpack on.  I asked her to please get it to Phillip when she got on the bus.  I bet no one even had to ask her to get her backpack.  Weirdo.

How do people do the whole keeping up with things thing?  I don’t get it.  I try, I really do, but that part of my brain is damaged.  I have the hardest time remembering where I put my wallet…or my backpack.  I left the last remaining piece of label-purchased expensive clothing on a plane a couple weeks ago: a $300 Diesel jacket.  Gone.  I annoy myself.

So I’m heading to Wisconsin today sans jacket.  If only someone would race to the tarmac with it in hand.  Oh, if only I had an Uncle Me to bail me out.