Playing With A President

I’m rarely speechless.  I’m not right now.  But I’m close.  I need time to process what I saw today before I can describe it adequately here but I will eventually.  Essentially, what I saw was a graduation ceremony, worship service, pep rally, and the inauguration of several world leaders.  More on that later.  For now, here’s a picture full of meaning, taken after the ceremony.

This picture will go on my wall when I get home.  It will remind me that the smallest and poorest in the world matter to the looked up to and wealthy who imitate Jesus.  This is Wess, my friend and the president of Compassion International.  The Ethiopian staff decked him out in scholarly attire, showered him with praise and made him an honored guest at the reception following the graduation ceremony.  He quickly moved through the crowd of adults, shook hands, hugged necks, posed for a few pictures and then played with the children.  He put his hand on each of them and told them he loved them.  He called them special and beautiful and smart.  He showered them with praise and honored them with his time and humor.  This kind of humility and love and joy has a way of trickling down.  I find it in every person I’ve ever met working within Compassion International.