Into And In

I attended a college graduation ceremony today for 16 students in Compassion International’s Leadership Development Program – the first graduating class in Ethiopia.

Wess was one of many speakers.  I have great video of it all. I just don’t have time to edit it together for you right now, but it’s coming.

He told the graduates “You may have been born into poverty.  But poverty was not born in you.”

This sums up so much of Compassion’s philosophy and God’s message to us concerning children.  He loves all the children of the world.  Even the brown ones and the poor ones.  Regardless of how much money they have, they are full of valuable potential.  Our job as big people running things is to give every child’s potential the opportunity to come out, to treat all of them like they are rich on the inside and have something to offer us and the whole world.

Read a more detailed description of the graduation ceremony and see some great pictures from it over on Brian’s blog

(We’re splitting the work load.  He does photos and I do videos.  I’m just behind on my end.)