The Plan

Here’s the plan for 2008:

1. Finish the book on the beatitudes

2. Release a free eBook on “worship”

3. Write a record

4. Record the record

5. Release the record for free on-line as a download (no strings) with no rights management (this mean you can pass it on to anyone and play it on whatever you want)

6. Release that book on the beatitudes

The point? More words and music in more hands than ever means more people coming to shows and this site and that (probably) means more kids being rescued from poverty.  Independence gives me the freedom to pursue only one goal – not mine and the label’s and radio’s and retails.  One goal: save kids.  And independence gives me the freedom to do crazy things in order to meet that goal: free words, free music, free shows.

That’s the goal and the plan for 2008.

What’s your goal?  Does your plan get you there?  Why not?