Award Question

I have these plaques from this time in my life when I was actually a successful musician.  Seriously, I was.  On the radio and everything.  Before this blogging venture took me in another direction. *cough*

Anyway, I have these plaques taking up space in my attic from back then and I’m getting rid of them.  Most of them are for songs or albums of mine – like a number one plaque, that kind of thing.  And then I have this massive platinum record for an album that’s not even mine.  It’s a Michael W. Smith platinum record, for his first “Worship” disc – I was in the “celebrity choir” so I got one.  (Touch me.) It’s framed with a picture of Michael in a baby blue shirt with his hands raised.  It clashes with the walls.  Any walls.  Anywhere.

I think my mom will take my plaques off my hands (garage sale penny table?) but I have no idea what to do with the gigantic Michael W. one after I dust it and clean the cat pee off.  I can’t sell it.  That’s frowned upon.  It’s too heavy to put over Brant‘s bed.  (Ouch, if that fell.) Any ideas?  Becky thought you guys might have a few.

Bonus points for sarcasm as usual.