This blog is on autopilot.  One of the great things I can do with this site is write stuff today and tell it to post later.  So, much of what you’re reading now was written weeks ago on an airplane or in a hotel room.

Sorry to spoil the illusion for you.  But I thought you should know.  Felt dishonest.

I’m only checking in once a day, to delete spam, chime in on conversations and make sure nothing’s gone horribly wrong.  And I could use your help with that.  If you see anything that needs my attention, just shoot me an e-mail.  I’ll be checking that more regularly. 

I’m taking a break from the blog and a lot of other things for a month while I’m off the road.  The yard, the house, the book and me and all the people in my life need a little attention.  I’ll live blog a little this month, but not much.  I’ll be back in November.

I’ve gotta go mulch something.