Your Assignment

I was given an assignment and failed miserably.  Worship Leader Magazine’s newest offspring The Worshiper asked me to compile a list of songs that are more about service as worship, that have more of a “go and do” component to them. Songs about the poor, homeless, hungry, sad, etc and how we Christians are to love them by, you know, helping them and stuff.  Songs that are horizontal and others focussed – not so me me me centered.

Turns out that’s hard to find these days…at least where I looked.  I went first to artists that speak for Compassion International or World Vision.  Surely they’ve sung these sorts of songs.  Not much there.  Then I went to leading Christian artists.  Surely these guys have sung about this stuff.  Apparently not.  Then I went to acquaintances in the music business – relationships forged over a common lack of record sales and radio play.  Yep.  Guys I like a whole bunch in the music business – Jars of Clay, Jason Morant, Charlie Hall – are writing this kind of music.

Here’s my list, written after visits to a few dozen artist and lyric sites.  Geez.

Jesus (by me – they put this on the list, not me)

Oh My God (by Jars of Clay)

Open (by Jason Morant)

Micah 6:8 (by Charlie Hall)

Tears Of The Saints (by Leeland)

What would you add to this list?