Guess The Total

You know that game in which you guess how many jelly beans are in the jar?  This is sort of like that except you don’t win anything.  Neither do I.  The hospital does.  But it still might be entertaining and/or enlightening. 

Here’s how it works.  I’ll list the stuff that was done to Gresham over the last ten days and you guess what the final bill will come to.  I, without insurance, will then pay the bill (and then get reimbursed).  See how fun this is?  Here’s the list:

3 pediatrician visits

2 oral antibiotic prescriptions

2 IV bags of antibiotics

2 emergency room visits

2 CT scans and 2 radiologists

3 IV bags of fluid

1 IV bag of Immune Globulin (antibodies)

1 very nice hospital room for 3 days

2 tooth brushes

2 tiny tubes of toothpaste

1 tube of Vaseline

72 aspirin

2 arm braces (to cover the IV)

1 dnfectious disease doctor

1 pediatrician

1 “fellow”

1 dozen residents

2 dozen nurses

Alrighty.  How many jellybeans..I mean, how much is this gonna cost me?

Becky’s guess is $18,652.  Very specific. She’s a CPA. 

Mine is $12.

What’s yours?