A few days ago I met a music minister at a church who has a rare set of priorities.  While some guys in his profession get ticked when they can’t “move the church along” as fast as they’d like (in the musical direction the music guy wants them to go), this guy sacrifices his direction for true worship.

I’ve said this a million times and I swear I’ll write more in-depth about it someday here but…

The word worship in our English bibles doesn’t always mean the same thing.  Just as the word “love” isn’t always erotic, or always friendly, or always divine, the word “worship” is also translated from numerous Greek or Hebrew words with many different meanings.  Those words never mean music.  Never.  Not once.  The word “worship” never once means music.  Music can be worship but worship is not music.

“I know,” some will say, “worship is a lifestyle.” Well, despite what the t-shirts and conferences and Christian artists say these days, nope.  It’s not.  That’s too broad.  It’s a specific kind of

action and attitude, a specific kind of response to God.

One Greek word translated into our English word “worship” in the bible is “proskuneo”.  It’s two words put together: pros (toward) and kunuo (dog).  Here’s the picture: We’re dogs and God is the master reaching out toward us and we roll over and do what He wants, live if He wants, die is He wants, receive if He wants,give away if He wants, get scratched if He wants, sit in silence staring at Him with our head cocked if He wants.  He’s God.  We’re man.  We’re not as important to Him as He is to Him.  Our agenda, our taste, our direction is not as important as His agenda, His taste, His direction.

This music minster I met this past weekend worships God.  He’s a guitar player – a good one – who likes to lead others in singing while playing his guitar.  But he’s in a denomination and a church that doesn’t believe that’s best right now.  Shoot, some of them think it’s downright wrong.  And though they’re not “moving along” in the direction he’d like he still serves them because He knows that’s what God wants: servants. And he does it with a great attitude because that’s God’s taste: a cheerful giver.  And He doesn’t get angry that they see instruments differently than he does because it’s not an issue that’s more important to God than unity.  It’s not a Jesus issue.  It’s not a hill He would die on so this guy doesn’t.

He’s a guitar player singing without instruments every Sunday because He loves the church and people and God more than his preferred style – and that’s all it is: a style.  It’s not worship.  Instruments are not essential to worship.  Nor is music.  He knows it.  His worship is obedience.  That’s required.

And I was so impressed with him that I just had to brag on him publicly a little.  He’s rare.