North Carolina…Again

I practically live here in North Carolina.  I play more shows in this great state than any other, though it’s a close race with Florida.

I look forward to coming out this way because I’ve made so many friends here over the years I get to catch up with. My dentist Tracy, for instance.  With my road manager Brody out sick she filled in last night as baby softrock star sitter, manning the Compassion International table by herself, helping me pack up, reorganizing the suitcases, and counting things.  She’s helping me out tonight too.  She’s a freakishly kind person.  Let her clean your teeth if you live in the Burlington area and you’ll see what I mean.

imageAfter the show I went out for “coffee” with a couple new friends I made last night, though none of us actually drank coffee.  Bryant and Courtney moved to North Carolina from Ohio and so are conspicuously missing the NASCAR accent.  She sells some sort of medical devise used on people who are in the hospital a long time…I don’t understand what it does…but you ned it…if you’re in the hospital…a long time…so says she.  Her home office is just a few minutes away from our place in Nashville, so maybe the two of them will come over for dinner sometime on one of Courtney’s business trips.  Should be easy to bring Bryant along since he, like me, has an artsy almost-not-a-job job…only maybe a little cooler than mine, which I didn’t think was possible. Bryant’s a photographer specializing in “destination weddings.” Translation: He gets paid to travel to beautiful locations and snap pictures of happy people looking their best – and gets to bring his wife along.  I’m thinking they essentially vacation together with a camera in tow.

His shots are beautiful.  I was up last night when I got back to the hotel looking at his on-line portfolio and reading his blog.  Inspiring if you’re even a little bit into photography.  Pop over and say howdy.

OK. I have a book to write now, drive to make in a couple hours and a show to play tonight.  More later.