I Need A Greek Nerd

When I want to know what a word in the bible means I use a lexicon right?  The lexicon tells me what Greek or Hebrew word that English word was translated from, and tells me where else it’s used in the bible and what other English words it’s translated into in those passages.  So looking up “mourn” I’ll get nine Greek words that are translated into the English word “mourn” in the bible.  And I’ll know every time those words were used and how many times they are translated into English as “wail,” “sorrow,” and “mourn.” I get that.  (A good free on-line lexicon, by the way, is over at Studylight.org)

But let’s say, just because I’m a nerd and I’m curious, I wanted to see examples of how a Greek word was used outside of the bible in ancient Greece.  Where do I go for that?  For example, if I wanted to read a non-Christian ancient document that used the word “pantheo,” which means “mourn.” Where would I find that information? 

I just think it might help me get a better grip on what a word or two means if I saw how they were used in other Greek documents, other settings, by other authors of the same time period.

Any Greek nerds* out there able to point me in the right direction?

[*The next post will have greater mass appeal, I promise.  A video of a monkey picking his butt and smelling his finger or something.]