Your Turn

The 40 Day Fast Micro-Famine is over after today.  Now it’s your turn.

Kat, the originator of this whole 40 Day idea, is asking all readers of 40 Day participating blogs (Over there in my sidebar on the right) to do without food for one day, the same day, August 1, to remember together those who do without every day.  As a group we’re asking our readers to pray for those without in the world, pray about what God wants us to do to alleviate their suffering, and fast to get a small taste of what their life is like.  Empathy, I believe, is a powerful catalyst for compassion.

Consider joining hundreds of 40 Day blog readers tomorrow August 1, 2007 in fasting and praying…and then showing compassion in some way.  We’ve given you 40 ways to choose from.  It’s time to pick one.

Thanks to everyone who’s blogged and read along, linked to and commented for the last 40 days.