Amy writes…

“The problem is growing. Following drug dealing, “trafficking of humans as the second largest criminal industry in the world, and is the fastest growing.” (US Dept of State) It is estimated that in 2005 alone, 1.2 million children were transported for the purpose of exploitation. Most often, these children are used for prostitution, sex tourism, and pornography. They are as young as the age of five. They are exposed to disease, abuse, pregnancy, AIDS, and forced drug addiction. They have barely begun life, before it is stripped from them. At times, they are forced to service up to 30 customers a day.

For the criminals behind human trafficking, the reasons are simple. A human can be sold multiple times, bringing in more money unlike drugs or arms which can be sold once. And demand is growing.”

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Years ago International Justice Mission sent me a longer version of the video below.  It chronicles their work freeing sex slaves in Cambodia where American businessmen (and others) make sex with children part of their vacation. It’s disturbing but worth watching to get a better picture of what the problem is and what one solution might be.  What other solutions can you think of or have you come across?