Hit Me Sammy One More Time

I’m getting some serious hits today because the Associated Press just released a story on Sammy Stephens, the Flea Market Montgomery guy.  It’s getting picked up all over the place.  It takes a joking conversation the interviewer and I had by phone and flattens it in a way that’s funny to me…

One of the many videos on YouTube features Nashville-based soft rock singer Shaun Groves playing his own rock rendition of Stephens’ jingle at the South Florida festival in Fort Lauderdale in late April. Groves said he initially saw Stephens’ commercial online and mentioned it on his blog – http://www.shlog.com – and a DJ friend of his in Florida dared him to him to cover the song at the concert.

“What was amazing was I was all the way down there in Florida and people knew the words and were singing along,” Groves said.

Since then, he has had requests for the song at other shows.

“I’ve made three CDs and have my own songs and it’s a little disappointing when the crowd starts yelling for Montgomery Flea Market,” Groves said. “But if I can just have 10 percent of his success, it’s worth it to sing it every night.”

Mom is proud.