Famous: adj. More people know me than know you.

That’s all the word means.  To me.

Yet this group clamors to be called it and that one questions the very concept and others lambast fame as inherently evil.

More people know that girl’s face, or song, or parents or “leaked” sex tape than know you.

More people know that guy’s movies, haircut, books or policies than know you.

That’s all celebrity is.  Celebrity in and of itself is inescapable.  In a group, no matter how large the group, someone is better known than the rest.  He or she is “famous.” Just like in every group, no matter how supposedly egalitarian, someone is listened to more than the others.  He’s the leader.  And someone has more money or property or animal skins.  He’s wealthy.

Celebrity, leadership, wealth are all relative terms and cannot be avoided right?  They just happen right?  Am I missing something?  If I’m not then I have some questions this afternoon.

So when, if ever, is fame a bad thing?  And why do we respond in the ways we do to the famous?  When you meet someone famous how do you react?  Why?  Why, if the only difference between them and you is the number of people who know their name? Is that the only difference?