Ragamuffin Shlog In Riverside

Carlos, of Ragamuffinsoul.com, and I have never actually met.  We’ve “known” each other through the blogosphere for – geez – I don’t know, a couple years probably. 

imageThe other afternoon, while pushing a four year-old on a swing in Brody‘s back yard and talking through our upcoming run of California shows, it hit me.  Not the swing, but an idea. Why not ask Carlos to open?  He’s a huge rock star on the West Coast and we’re going to have some dinner together anyway, why not soft rock together and then grab some dinner?


Folks, this kind of brain storm is exactly why I get the big bucks.  They don’t pay me $8.25 an hour for nothing.

So, witness Carlos and me together for the first time on one stage in Riverside, California this Friday night, June 8 2007 at La Sierra University Church.  Go to the Tour page for address, contact info and other details.  And please, if you’re a SoCal blogger, help us spread the word.  Consider this a Ragamuffin/Shlog reader get together too.  We’d love to meet you…in person.