40 Days

Kat writes…


40 bloggers who will each fast for 1 day.


They will blog about the experience as well as an area of need in the world (either a cause or a country) and an organization that strives to meet that need.

They will also link to the blogger who is fasting on each day of the fast and encourage their readers to join the fast on the 40th day.


The purpose behind it is to give people an opportunity to:

1. Experience a bit of need

2. Learn about the need in the world

3. Do something about it


The fast starts on June 22, 2007 and ends on July 31, 2007


The blogosphere.


We need you. If you’re interested in joining the fast. Please leave a comment here or email me at thekatjacobs AT gmail.com

There are still dates open.  Go here to see which ones and then shoot Kat an e-mail and join us.  My date hasn’t been assigned yet but I’ll be part of this for sure.