Preachers and Jackie

Remember Jackie?  The articulate young woman rescued from poverty by Compassion International after her father died of AIDS – the one who came to Nashville to tell a small group of us “thanks” for encouraging folks to sponsor children like her?  That was a great day for me.  An inspiring day.

This morning I head to a luncheon for the Tennessee Run 4 Kids.  I’ll speak to area pastors about my experience working at a childrens home in Waco, Texas while in college, how those almost two years shaped my love for kids etc.  I’ll ask them to do all they can to get folks from their churches to the Tennessee Run 4 Kids on May 9th, in hopes of raising the funds (from race entry fees) needed to support the work of the Baptist Childrens Homes of Tennessee…and I’ll eat some free Chick-fil-A too.  I’ll do almost anything for free chicken.

Then it’s off to Birmingham with my brother-in-law Brian who also works for Compassion International.  Jackie is heading home to Uganda soon to be married but I get to interview her this afternoon before she packs up and heads out. 

She’s been traveling around our country speaking about Compassion International at Student Life conferences.  I got to meet a couple guys from Student Life when I met Jackie in Nashville.  I told them if they ever needed anything I work cheap, even free.

Well, they called.  They want to video me chatting with Jackie about anything I want.  They’ll sue that footage at their conferences once Jackie’s back in Uganda.  And I’m hoping I get to have some footage to share with you guys here too.  At the very least I’m hoping for some audio I can kick off my podcast with.  If I come home with nothing tangible, I know I’ll come home inspired again.

I’m no Barbara Walters so we’ll see how this goes.  If you could ask Jackie anything, what would it be?