Music Biz Tools of The Future

I had a great meeting this morning with a guy whose company is trying to change the way the music fan and the musician interact, and the way musicians make money.  What they’re doing is this…

They’re building digital music stores for artists that contain that artist’s music, that artists’ music plus a certain catalog of music, or that artist’s music plus all the same music you could buy at iTunes.  The artist sets the price of his music and also makes money when another artist’s music is purchased from his store.

It’s not just artists who can build a store like this.  Anyone can.  TV shows are beginning to run stores.  Very well-known household goods stores and even restaurants as well.

And the best part is that the price of a download can be as low as free, the artist makes far more than they do going through iTunes, AND once the song is downloaded by a consumer it can be passed along without restriction…if the store’s operator lifts all restrictions.

One thought I’ve had is starting a store and giving the profits to Compassion International.  I own but nothing’s there right now.  Why not make peace (fix what’s broken) by sending profits from digital music sales to folks who educate, clothe, feed and teach kids about Jesus?  Looking into it.  The price at the moment is a little high.

Another thing he’s doing is creating a widget that searches your hard drive’s music stash and brings up all the upcoming concert info for artists you already listen to sorted by a given date range, geographical range, etc.  An artist will, in time, be able to upload their concert info at the widget’s home site.  Right now the widget only tracks artists tracked by Pollstar.  In time though this widget could be embedded into myspace pages, blog sidebars etc and fans could then know whenever I’m coming to their city and share that with their blog’s readers.  It’s a viral tour page that’s constantly updating itself and searchable.

Anyway, my head is spinning from all the cool new ideas coming down the pipe from this company.  I’ll let you know more when I learn more.  I’m a guinea pig for these guys now I think.  They really want to help me grow my audience so that more kids can be saved through Compassion International at my concerts.  Here’s hoping it works.

How many of you shop on-line for music?  How do you currently find out if your favorite artists are coming to your town?