Spreading Compassion

I’m beginning to work on an official proposal I’ll send to my friends at Compassion International for the purpose of mobilizing the Web 2.0 Christians (that’s you since you’re reading a blog) to save kid’s lives.  What if influential bloggers, for example, were utilized in the same way that influential recording artists and speakers are currently to represent Compassion International to their audience?  And what if bloggers with less than 1000, less than 100, less than 10 readers a day were informed somehow of the many ways they can help spread the word about Compassion International, and therefore mobilize a few or a thousand to save a child’s life?  What if?  What if more people were simply encouraged to the simple story of their involvement with Compassion International and other mercy-showing partners?

If the web can sell music and change the political tides of a democracy, why can’t it save kids?

Brody’ wife Kristin wrote about Compassion recently, and her words are a great example of how one person’s simple story can reverberate through a small group of friends and family reading along and inspire.  I was inspired.  Inspired enough to link to her so many more people can read along.

And here’s one of many clips from Compassion International’s channel on Youtube easily embedded in blog entries, but so far not all that viewed.  This is Wess Stafford, the president of Compassion International, a humble brilliant man who grew up in poverty and now works to defeat it.

The web can speak for Compassion International and others showing mercy in ways that get listeners/readers involved.  It helps those of us who sponsor kids through Compassion International feel as if we’re doing something more than writing a check and saving one life – we’re helping save many many more.

Tell your story of compassion with words or images and make it available to the rest of us by posting a link to it in the comments here.  I’ll compile these and use them in my proposal as examples of how Web 2.0 can save kids just as well, if not better, than famous people on stages.  Remember to link to Compassion.com so folks can go there and act on what they’ve read and seen thanks to you.