Amy Grant Puts Smack Down on Web 2.0

MyFreeMusicFriday reports that Amy Grant kicked our collective backside soundly.  Apparently Web 2.0 is not yet a match for being ridiculously good looking and talented and successful for many many many many years…and being a spokesperson for Target…and having your own reality show…and being bestest friends with Billy Graham.

But, we – you and I – did come in third for getting the most unique visitors ever to  (#1 Amy Grant and two other people, #2 Michael W. Smith, Me and I forget, #3 Me, Jake Smith and Sara Groves).  Since there are three artists available for download each week we really can’t say whose team drives up the numbers but, I suspect, you guys had a whole lot to do with the large crowd showing up this time.  Thank you very much for that.  Bronze ain’t bad.

Especially when you consider that Amy Grant and Michael W. are multi-platinum selling artists.  Sara Groves and I aren’t even close.  And Jake Smith is brand spanking new – his record isn’t even out yet.  So, three relatively small fries wound up a close third (OK, close is subjective) behind two big time soft rock stars.  Again, job well done.

And, bonus, 2012 people downloaded my song “Miss Texas.” I’ve received a couple dozen e-mails and myspace messages from people who’ve been affected positively in some way by it.  Again, thanks for making that happen.