I’m waiting on a call from a certain morning show host in Florida right now so we can hype my show down there this weekend and I can twist his arm into laying down some accordion with me too.  Then it’s off to pick up an Irishman who wants to help me out in the UK.  We’re meeting about bringing more of my music across the Atlantic.  And then I’ve got a phone meeting with my former label’s president about um, well, I don’t know exactly but he swears I’m not in trouble.  Brian has two sick kids today so I’ll also be taking the Irishman to the airport for him later this afternoon too.  And somehow in all that I need to return an e-mail from a big wig in Christian radio who wants to discuss the lost love between his side of the industry and, well, all the other sides.  That won’t be stressful or anything.  Yikes.

Until I have more time to write…