Brody Is The New Brian

Brody is the new Brian this Spring.  But only because Brant wouldn’t leave his morning show and year round sunshine in West Palm for a life of true ministry with me on the road.  Pray for his soul.

Anyway, Brian (my brother-in-law and former booking agent/road manager) has quit me to work for Compassion International.  Again, where are the priorities of the men in my life?  Pray he finds more meaningful work..and pray for his soul as well.

Brian will be working as an “artist liaison.” (Oooh, French.  Fancy.) He’ll be taking artists and other music types on trips to see what Compassion does around the world, blasting their perspectives to heck – or if they’re “progressive” or in southern gospel, he’ll blast their perspectives to hell.  Either way, he’ll be part of changing self-absorbed rock stars like me into others-minded child sponsor generating machines.  He’ll work with these folks when they get back to America to make sure they’re doing the best job possible at representing Compassion International accurately and well at their shows.  It’s his dream job.  And now that he nabbed it, it’s my worst nightmare.

Brian has traveled with me and booked me for four years.  We’ve got a smooth operation: He does all the work and I just sing and look as pretty as a man my size can.  Now I have to solve my booking agency problem: there’s no one to run the one we built together.  And I’ll have to find a road manager I trust as much as I have Brian.

In the mean time I’ve got Brody.  (Ouch.)

Brody has toured with Mercy Me and Third Day so he knows how to do the big show thing.  Problem is I haven’t had a big show since….ever.  We little guys do things a bit differently and he’ll be learning our ways: a Maxima instead of a tour bus, driving instead of being driven, doing everything yourself instead of having a crew, eating meat and three meals prepared by a Sunday School class instead of salmon patties in a glazed almond sauce prepare by Chef Pablo.  Already he’s pushing me to make glow sticks, bobble head dolls, bracelets and 27 t-shirts for the merch table.  Simmer down.  A crowd of thirty looks a little goofy waving glow sticks in a coffee shop.  He’ll learn.

So, good luck to Brian in his new life as rescuer of impoverished children. Brody and I are off to do the Lord’s real work: soft rocking…and possibly selling out of bobble head dolls.