Swear, Pickpocket, Poison

I write best around a theme.  Twilight centered around our dual nature (Romans 7) and the struggle of being a Christian and still very very human.  White Flag dealt with what a disciple is according to Jesus’ beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).  That right there is good fodder for some soft rock.

I’ve wondered in which direction to head next, though.  I’ve been searching until last night…

Thanks for the inspiration, Brant.  Your “Swear, Pickpocket, Poison” t-shirt is now in the early design phase, if you have any suggestions to make.

By the way, David Crowder has a song in this heap?  I’m unsure of who to taunt for this.  I’ll need to know if the song was written for this product and if it’s Crowder singing or someone else covering one of his tunes – before the taunting can begin.  Anybody know?