Live CD Update

I was finally granted a license to use my own music on the live CD.  But, we’re still not ready to manufacture yet.  I’ve added a song to the disc so that had to be mixed, and I requested a tweak to the mix as well.  The vocal was a little loud for my taste – of course I hate the taste of my own voice so maybe I just wanted to hear less of me for that reason.

Regardless, these changes have set us back until after Christmas, at which time I’ll send off the finished master and artwork to be manufactured.  So, we’re looking at a couple or three weeks for that to be finished and a final release date for the live disc sometime around the third week in January.

As soon as I have the master in my hand though I promise to upload samples to the Shop and the music player on this blog and start taking pre-orders.

I promise.

That’s the update.  Wish I could have it now of course but at least we’re getting closer.  Thanks for your patience.