Brian and I have marveled at the power of the SHLOG over the last two days.  We’ve traveled from OK CIty to Lexington (where we’re spending our second day today) answering Brian’s cell phone over and over again, talking to promoters who want to book me for free.  Every time Brian hits receive on his e-mail – DING – another promoter asking how to book me for free.

“How’d you here about this free concert offer?” Brian asks.

“Shaun’s blog,” is almost always the answer.  Or, “A friend of mine pointed me to Shaun’s blog.”

January is filling up.  February and March still have empty weekends left.  But the ball’s rolling…quickly.  So, thanks for all the inquiries and most of all for passing this offer on to friends who turned out to be interested.  Did you forget anyone?  Please, pass it on.  Because, really, the power isn’t the blog.  It’s all you blog readers spreading what you read here.

No pressure.  I suddenly feel like I need to be very careful about what I write.  Yikes.

And again, thanks.