I’m getting a tremendous number of hits on the Burnlounge piece I posted a while back.  In fact it’s been co-opted by marketers for the site plastering their sales pitch in the comments section.  (My delete button can’t keep up.) But their fervent defense of the site has caused me to spend more time there, researching, poking around, pondering and finally concluding:  Burnlounge sucks.  For now.

There is hope.  After all the thing looks great and we all know that shine wins out over substance in the music marketplace more often than not.  Even so, if Burnlounge is ever going to dethrone iTunes – as it says it wants to – it needs to increase its catalog.  And stop alphabetizing by artist first name…unless that’s all the artist has.  My suggestion would be that Burnlounge begin by beefing up the “Sh” section and, after re-alphabetizing by last name, continue by filling in the holes in the “Gr” section.  Just a suggestion.  Don’t look surprised when your new company tanks.  It’s unwise to underestimate the demand for “Sh” and “Gr” artists.