Archive Year: 2006

Home For The Holidays

Six bathroom stops.  One milkshake break.  Three dirty diaper changes.  Eighty dollars in gas.  Sixteen hours in a mini-van.  And I’m finally home for Christmas. We slept in this morning – well, if you call 8AM “in.” Thank God for Nonnie and Geedaddy (aka, mom and dad).  My sister Lindy… Read More


I finished the chapter I needed to turn in to a publisher this week.  The thing that took the longest and was most painful was cutting it down.  I tend to repeat myself in my writing and throw in things I find amusing or interesting that, if I’m honest/realistic, no… Read More

Swear, Pickpocket, Poison

I write best around a theme.  Twilight centered around our dual nature (Romans 7) and the struggle of being a Christian and still very very human.  White Flag dealt with what a disciple is according to Jesus’ beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).  That right there is good fodder for some soft rock.… Read More