Time To Be Thankful

Last night I hurriedly prayed with my kids before bed time.

“God, thank you for helping Gresham and me feel better today.  And thank you for a warm house and hot water and food to eat. Amen.”

Then Gresham prayed…and prayed…

“Thank you for Nonnie and Geedaddy and Granda and Papa and Mimi and Papaw.  Thank you for Gabriella and Penelope and Mommy and Daddy.  Thank you for Nathaniel and Natalie and Philip and Olivia (the cousins) and Uncle Brian and Aunt Amy and Beth (teacher at church) and my room, blue like a truck and carpet and fan and Jancey (our Compassion International child) window and trains and cars and saxophones.  And thank you for macaroni and chicken and table and chairs and juice and mayonnaise and ketchup.  And bears and wolfs and Bagwell (Brian’s dog) and Brandon (a friend of cousin Philip’s) and Jaime and Julie (neighbors of Brian’s) and Shannon (another neighbor).  Thank you for suitcase and bed and blanket and floor and cup and sun and cereal bars and grass and our van and Chick-fil-A and mayonnaise and Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s and…”

Apparently, there’s a lot more to be thankful for than I thought.  But we’re a little sleepy this morning.  Thank God for naps.

(By the way, this divine lesson came from the child sage who, five minutes prior, was streaking around the house singing “We wish you a merry poo poo.” Mysterious ways indeed.)