I bow before Brant Hansen after reading this genius post on his blog.  Who cares if I or you or anyone else agrees with the point he’s making.  This is satire and sarcasm at it’s finest.  After forcing my wife to read it (“Who reads blogs?  What IS a blog?”) she exclaimed, “This guy works for —FM?  Why?” Interpret as you will.  In her own way it was the highest of compliments.  Then, “You KNOW him?” It was as if I was bestest friends with a Beatle.  I got major cool points (More than I got for moving to Nashville).  We made out.  Again, thanks Brant.

Read now.  Bow later.

[Blackmail photo of Brant in “Creed Position” courtesy of the 1990’s when he fronted a band called Farewell To Juliet.  A reminder to us all that Google never forgets.]

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