Fiendish Feline Stylist Steals Prize

The winner of the “SEND THE MOST PEOPLE TO SHLOG.COM” contest is…

Still stings a little but I’m laughing more than crying.  TINY CAT PANTS, an irreverent and sometimes hilarious Nashville blog, posted the above as her (I think it’s a her) “link” to SHLOG.COM.  Sure, there was obviously some cheating going on since most of the hits from TINY CAT PANTS came from the same person, but I left that loophole open I guess.

Thanks TINY CAT PANTS for giving me a lot of humility and quite a few hits too.

Did it work?  Did we hit the 300 mark?  Did we ever!  SHLOG.COM received 472 VISITORS (not just visits) yesterday from sites like these that kindly linked to us:

What It’s All About

More About Nothing

The Y Blog

Pardon The Interruption

Mind The Gap

Thanks everybody.