Better Than Insurance, Better For Everyone

One of the things I missed about my “real job” is cheap insurance.  I didn’t realize how much my employer’s group plan truly saved me until I became a musician by trade.

My insurance company – found after a long thorough search for the best – charged me over $6,000/yr for a very basic health policy and only paid me $325/yr in actual benefits.  So I canceled.  And I signed up with Samaritan Ministries.

Their program is like no other, and it’s not an insurance policy.  For all you musicians and ministers, self-employed or just jobless out there, I’d highly recommend Samaritan Ministries’ program as a replacement for your current over-priced basic health insurance coverage. 

If only local churches would create programs like this of their own, for their own, and then use the money members save on covering the health needs of those outside the Church.  Now that would be better for everyone.

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