Every day close to, but never more than, 300 people read SHLOG.COM.  We’re going to change that today.

If you have a website or a blog, I need your help.  If you post a link to SHLOG.COM on your site today odds are someone will click it and visit this page.  When they do my site tracker will log your url (website address) in a ranked list.  At the end of the day today I’ll look at the rankings to see which site sent the most people to me.  Then, I’ll e-mail the winner, get your address, and send you a Shaun Groves t-shirt and new WHITE FLAG CD – a $30 value.  (Hey, it’s all I have.) And everyone who links to me will have their site linked TO from SHLOG.COM the next day – as if you need as much help getting visitors as I do.

Wow, what a deal!

Why?  I just hate being so close to a mile marker and unable to break through it.  I’m a goal setter.  Humor me.


PS. Some sites’ url’s are “blocked” and will not display their address to my site tracker.  Sorry.