Farmland Friends

I showed up Sunday morning expecting a guy in a furry animal costume to greet me at the door.  The name made it sound like a spin off program of Captain Kangaroo or a daycare. Perhaps the place would be decorated in primary colors. And we’d have snack time.

Farmland Friends turned out to be a church lead by a man who teaches compassion well.

He brought his not-at-all-shy five year-old up to be interviewed by his wife. She knelt down beside her little girl and asked her who the dark-skinned child projected onto the big screen was.  This five year-old girl in a pink cowboy hat and matching boots took it from there, telling us about the girl her family sponsors in Africa.  What struck me about the pint-sized testimony was how well she understood what sponsorship entails.  She mentioned money and medicine and education and the usual stuff – but she also said, at least twice, that her family prays for the child they sponsor and writes her letters.


Her understanding of compassion looked less like a hand-out and more like a relationship than I expected from a child.

When she was done there was applause and then it was my turn.  What else was there to say?  Of course, you know me, I always have more to say.  But none of my words were as memorable as hers.  I’ve never heard a better explanation of Compassion.

Thanks to Farmland Friends for sponsoring 71 kids Sunday morning.  And thanks to Tammy, who pestered her pastor (lovingly of course) until he agreed to host me and Compassion on Sunday.